Danny DeMichele
  How Danny DeMichele Can Help Transform Your Business?

How Danny DeMichele Can Help Transform Your Business

Listen to Danny DeMichele or spend a few minutes reading his blog, it will become apparent very quickly that you are not going to be getting any significant traffic in your niche without doing some work and utilizing the expertise of others. Right now you have one huge problem ahead of you, and Danny DeMichele can help you to overcome this obstacle and get your business in front of your target audience.

The Huge Giants in Your Way
Danny has succeeded in a crowded marketplace by first identifying his obstacles and the either moving them or climbing over them. When it comes to SEO, you think all you have to do is simply place the right key phrases on your website and anyone searching those terms will show up at your website. The problem that you have is that the big corporations in the world are paying to be at the top of the search results, regardless how much work and effort you put in. Danny DeMichele suggests that you stop trying to compete with these giants because they have deep pockets and you do not. Instead, possibly focus on deeper long-tail keywords in your niche that these corporations are not targeting.

Making Key Changes to Your Business Plan
Now that you know you can not beat the corporations at SEO, you simply need to adjust your strategy. Danny DeMichele says to do keyword research on terms with less traffic, there is real gold out there. While you might only find terms searched by a few dozen or hundred people, this is targeted traffic coming to your website to buy. The more they come, the more new traffic will follow. Let the big guys focus on the obvious keywords, you keep grabbing that low-hanging fruit and explode your sales that way. 

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